Jordan, Jesse GO!
What is the dumbest show you can imagine? This award-winning show may be dumber. It has no content. No format. Yet it's going on ten years of delighting hundreds of thousands of people. It's been an iTunes editors choice, and Rolling Stone picked it as one of the world's best comedy podcasts. It's light in the dark, comfort in the cold and a penguin in the pants (long story). Join hosts Jesse Thorn (NPR's Bullseye) and Jordan Morris (Comedy Central's @Midnight) and a celebrity guest on a raucous, vulgar and warm-hearted romp that will probably leave you a better person. And will certainly make you dumber.
Ashkon joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss Cinemax, honey-glazed hams and much more.
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Guest Paul Scheer (Human Giant, Best Week Ever, 30 Rock) joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss pranks, Ted Turner, the rough tongue of the hadrosaur, and more.
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Jesse and Jordan discuss billionaire Ted Turner, Waldorf schools, ghosts/aliens and more.
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Seth Morris joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about Las Vegas, apple butter, and more.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by singer-songwriter and beardman, Jonathan Coulton. They discuss childhood toys, school yard bullies, and Keith Olbermann.  They also name a burlesque dancer.
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Comedian Mike Schmidt joins Jesse and Jordan for a discussion of borscht, satsumas and shaving your face with a kitty cat.  Also: Ask Juanita and more.
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Jordan is heckled in New Orleans, everyone gets political and more.
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Guest Nick Adams joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss 19th century baseball terminology, foreign Playboys and more.
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Ep. 76: Chick Positive Attitude Jesse and Jordan are joined by the author Nick "The King of All Books" Hornby, name two different horses, and discuss how Jordan needs to be kinder.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by comedian and actress Tig Notaro, potentially name a baby, and Jesse gets broken down. 
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