Jordan, Jesse GO!
What is the dumbest show you can imagine? This award-winning show may be dumber. It has no content. No format. Yet it's going on ten years of delighting hundreds of thousands of people. It's been an iTunes editors choice, and Rolling Stone picked it as one of the world's best comedy podcasts. It's light in the dark, comfort in the cold and a penguin in the pants (long story). Join hosts Jesse Thorn (NPR's Bullseye) and Jordan Morris (Comedy Central's @Midnight) and a celebrity guest on a raucous, vulgar and warm-hearted romp that will probably leave you a better person. And will certainly make you dumber.
Jesse choses the groomsmen for his wedding but what should they do for the bachelor party?  Plus it's the "Battle of the Animals" semi-final.
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This show has nearly nothing to do with Halloween.
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Here's a show for that long Thanksgiving drive.  Ryan McKee stops in to tell us what it's like to attend a bondage ball and we play Would You Rather.
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On this week's show we hear about Jesse's recent trip to Chicago, some listeners share their dreams and there are new action items for you to get creative with.
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After recording an interview for The Sound of Young America, Ira Glass wanted to ask Jesse a couple questions on tape about JJGo.
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On this week's program, Jesse and Jordan discuss ideas on how to toughen up Portland, gourmet catnip and what teenagers really like. They also give some invaluable advice to those about to embark on college life! Not to be missed.
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Jordan and Jesse eat a bag of gummi bears that have melted into a solid mass, discuss their trips to other cities and more.
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Jesse and Jordan compose an elaborate tribute to former New York Mets third baseman Howard Johnson.  And other stuff.
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Guests Jeff Solomon and Stefan Lawrence of Elephant Larry.
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Andy Daly guests.
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Jesse and Jordan discuss romantic comedies, and open up the phone lines to their listeners.
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Jordan and Jesse discuss weddings, controversial opinions and becoming inexorably nerdier.
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Jordan visits the Warped Tour and Jesse plans his wedding.
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Jesse returns, and Jordan gets a playstation for free.  Jonah Ray guests.
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Gene sits in for Jesse.  Mayhem ensues.
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Jesse and Jordan had eventful weekends.
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Big Time Gene O'Neill takes over for Jordan.  Permanently.
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Jordan gets fired.
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Performer/pal Ashkon stops by for a chat and performance.  Also, lots of listener calls and the first match up in our Zoo Animal Showdown!
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Jesse and Jordan make your life better.
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Nordic folk music is performed, sad news is shared, etc.
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Sure, we talk about other things in this episode, but it's mostly about John Mayer.
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Dissension threatens our happy home, and we appreciate our listeners.
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Guest Mike Schmidt discusses gymnasium horrors, getting in fights and real princesses.
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Further discussion with Mike Schmidt.
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Spiderman three and other topics.
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Jordan and Jesse travel.
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We are joined by Chris Fairbanks, and we laugh and joke.
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Jesse and Jordan discuss Entourage, why celebrities make them sad, and puppies.
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Jesse and Jordan have typically far-ranging discussions, and are also joined by Republican representative Richard Martin of Ohio.
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Guests Bucky Sinister and Stephen Brophy sit in with us.  Bucky is the author of All Blacked Out and Nowhere to Go.  Stephen performs with the Bruce McCulloch project.
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An important discussion of corrugated cardboard boxes and more.
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We discuss South by Southwest, Dustin Diamond, and more.  Also: Hang It Up, Keep It Up.
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Jordan sings, we grow up, St. Patrick's day and bogus ethnic identities and more.
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Jesse and Jordan talk with two presidential candidates.  Also: personal questions, class warfare and nintendo.
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Andrew WK visits, and we chat about blasts from the past, writing songs with the Hansen Brothers, and more.
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Jen Kirkman tells us about the crazy homeless people who live outside her window.  Also: Would You Rather!
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Comedienne Jen Kirkman joins us as we talk about the worst jobs we've ever had.
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Music comedy duo Hard N Phirm visit us.  Plus the high five contest and more!
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We discuss what television shows Theresa would like with Keith Phipps of the Onion AV Club, and why girls like Sex and the City.  Also: Hang It Up, Keep It Up, and a sweet new contest.
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We are visited by Jimmy "The Shooter" Pardo, comedian and host of the podcast Never Not Funny.
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Discussion of blockbuster video, our personal lives, why we are sad, guest appearances by Jimmy Pardo and Matt Walsh, and more.
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Mini-show with comedian Tony Camin and the results of last week's Would You Rather.
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Top five lists from psuedo-celebrities, a discussion of cheap video games and great candy bars and more.
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