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What is the dumbest show you can imagine? This award-winning show may be dumber. It has no content. No format. Yet it's going on ten years of delighting hundreds of thousands of people. It's been an iTunes editors choice, and Rolling Stone picked it as one of the world's best comedy podcasts. It's light in the dark, comfort in the cold and a penguin in the pants (long story). Join hosts Jesse Thorn (NPR's Bullseye) and Jordan Morris (Comedy Central's @Midnight) and a celebrity guest on a raucous, vulgar and warm-hearted romp that will probably leave you a better person. And will certainly make you dumber.

Jordan and Jesse welcome comedian W. Kamau Bell to discuss fruit picking, Salt Lake City, and more!

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Writer Sloane Crosley joins Jordan and Jesse to discuss the war on spiders, Travis Pastrana's inner turmoil, how kids draw the darndest racist caricatures, and more.

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Guest Mike Schmidt, from The 40-Year-Old Boy podcast, joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about high school friends, under-appreciated films and more.

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Cole Stratton from the Pop My Culture Podcast joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss secret sex parties, Calgary, Alberta, and the next bit twitter star.

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Saturday Night Live writer Ryan Perez joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about a missing parrot, unfairly maligned films and more.

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Martin Starr joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about the end of his great show Party Down, plus secret sex parties and more.

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Dave Horwitz joins us to talk about shape shifting robots, proper airplane attire, and more.
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Brian Heater from the PC Magazine After Hours podcast joins us to talk about Santa Cruz, meat protocols and more.‚Äč
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Selections from the MaxFunMarathon featuring Andy Richter, Sarah Thyre, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer, plus Dave Shumka from Stop Podcasting Yourself.
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Big Time Gene O'Neill joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about bowling strategy, London England and more.
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A special video episode, recorded live at MaxFunCon and featuring special guests Maria Bamford, John Hodgman and Spiderman.
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Dave Willis and Dana Snyder, stars of Aqua Teen Hunger Force join Jesse and Jordan to talk about girl scouts, dinosaurs and tour buses.

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The Sklar Brothers join Jesse and Jordan for a talk about Hansen, the dark side of Canada and more.

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Comedian Dave Hill (from New York) is our guest on this week's show.  We talk about Lebowskifest and comedian Dave Hill (from LA) stops by for a Dave Hill-off.

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Scott Simpson from You Look Nice Today joins Dave Shumka and Graham Clark for an episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself, the newest affiliate of  Enjoy!

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Chris Hardwick from G4's Web Soup and the Nerdist podcast joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about the desperate waffle shortage, the first robin of spring and more.

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Chris Fairbanks joins Jesse and Jordan for discussion of triads, AA comedy, and more.

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Television's Dave Holmes joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about Hydrox cookies, the St. Louis Arch and more.

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Ep. 125: Space Monarchy

Boing Boing co-editor and woman about town Xeni Jardin joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss the Prince Fan Club, the Olympics, and a cost-benefit analysis of making your own seltzer.

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Artist Brandon Bird joins Jesse and Jordan for discussion of The Antiques Roadshow, daytime drinking and calamitous doctor's exam disasters.

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Jesse and Jordan discuss Sundance, play a rousing round of Would You Rather? and return to an old favorite, Hang It Up / Keep It Up.

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Moshe Kasher joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about the simmering war between the bad hippies and the thugs, among many other things.
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Matt Belknap joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about dark sides and more.
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Guest Greg Behrendt joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about cardigans, high school football and more.
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With the dapper and hilarious Paul F. Tompkins - the guys take some calls, talk about being on tv commercials and put an end to the great dessert war.
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Comedian Marc Maron joins Jordan & Jesse on today's episode, touching upon the subject of pets, garage sales and losing one's marbles.
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Neil Campbell and Paul Rust join Jesse and Jordan to talk about Bart Simpson and more.
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Adam Lisagor from You Look Nice Today joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about what they do when they're hanging out, wearing their cashmere sweatpants.
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Luke Burbank from Too Beautiful to Live joins us in the studio to discuss souvlaki, junkies and more.
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Visit us at
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Jesse & Jordan are LIVE with The Monsters of Podcasting in New York & Philadelphia, with guest Jim Gaffigan.
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Sarah Vowell joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about animatronic presidents, the inscrutability of David Letterman and the magic of moving.
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Seth and Jonathan from Uhh, Yeah Dude join Jesse and Jordan to talk about smartphones and dumb everything else.
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Karen Kilgariff joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about the new fall TV season, getting punched in the face, and Richmond.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by Nick Adams to talk about all kinds of stuff.
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Rob Huebel is Jesse and Jordan's guest.  They mostly talk about romantic relationships with dolphins.  Also, it's gross, so don't listen.
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Bryan Safi and Amy Rhodes come by to chat with Jordan about butt shots, Sade, and much more!
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Comedians Chad Fogland and Ron Babcock join Jordan to discuss marine life, secret dreams, and more.
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Comedian Hal Rudnick visits Jordan and Jesse to talk about children's clothing, the Navajo language, and more.
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Comedian Todd Glass visits Jordan and Jesse to talk about throwing rocks, touring with Celine Dion, and more.
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Guest Scott Aukerman joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about things that are ruined by fans of those things, and much more.
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Tonight Show writer Brian Stack joins Jesse and Jordan to take calls and chat about Shoeverine, Jordan's favorite Late Night character.
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Jesse and Jordan record live on stage at MaxFunCon with John Hodgman and Martin Starr.
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Chris Fairbanks joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about ex-boyfriends, things falling apart around us, martial arts and more.
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Guest Chris Hardwick joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about The Bonnie Hunt Show, Jesse's high school reunion, and more.
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Big Time Gene O'Neill joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about marathons, the prom, and more.
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 Jesse and Jordan are live in Portland with David Koechner and James Adomian.
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Jesse and Jordan are live in Seattle with the Monsters of Podcasting.
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CBC host Jonathan Goldstein joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss life in the frozen north.
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Jordan and Jesse create a utopian society, slake their thirst with Jordan, Jesse, Beer! and much more.
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Kurt Andersen, author and host of Studio 360, joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss Danny Devito's Limoncello and much more.
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Rob Corddry joins Jordan and Jesse to talk about television, New York City and much more.
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Blogger Alex Blagg joins Jesse and Jordan for discussion of P. Diddy, AM radio and much more.
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Comedian Michelle Biloon joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about the Oscars, the Geek Squad and much more.
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Jesse and Jordan go to the movies, plus Ask Juanita and more.
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Recorded Live with the Monsters of Podcasting at SF Sketchfest.
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Guest Andy Daly joins Jesse and Jordan for discussion of townies, Andy's new show East Bound & Down, and rescuing the economy.
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Jesse and Jordan discuss the preparation of crack cocaine, townies and The Darkish Teal Ribbon for Maximum Fun Awareness.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by The Sklar Brothers, Randy and Jason, to eat strange Japanese food and discuss Tom Cruise.
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Jordan and Jesse hear about a child stealing a baby penguin, discuss a Japanese New Year's Eve and more.
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Ashkon joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss Cinemax, honey-glazed hams and much more.
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Guest Paul Scheer (Human Giant, Best Week Ever, 30 Rock) joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss pranks, Ted Turner, the rough tongue of the hadrosaur, and more.
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Jesse and Jordan discuss billionaire Ted Turner, Waldorf schools, ghosts/aliens and more.
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Seth Morris joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about Las Vegas, apple butter, and more.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by singer-songwriter and beardman, Jonathan Coulton. They discuss childhood toys, school yard bullies, and Keith Olbermann.  They also name a burlesque dancer.
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Comedian Mike Schmidt joins Jesse and Jordan for a discussion of borscht, satsumas and shaving your face with a kitty cat.  Also: Ask Juanita and more.
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Jordan is heckled in New Orleans, everyone gets political and more.
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Guest Nick Adams joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss 19th century baseball terminology, foreign Playboys and more.
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Ep. 76: Chick Positive Attitude Jesse and Jordan are joined by the author Nick "The King of All Books" Hornby, name two different horses, and discuss how Jordan needs to be kinder.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by comedian and actress Tig Notaro, potentially name a baby, and Jesse gets broken down. 
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We hear about the Republican convention from Slate's Emily Calderon, and name various things.
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Jesse's songwriting career is described, various presidential candidates are floated and much more.
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Jordan nearly gets fired for lacking a love of life-long learning, a new Action Item, and more.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by comedian and actor Al Madrigal, best known as "The Man of 81 Voices," for his delightful and difficult to distinguish from each other impressions.
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Jesse is away! So Jordan, Gene and special guest Chris Fairbanks have themselves a little fun.
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Jesse, Jordan and guest Adam Lisagor talk to a guy floating the Mississippi, hear some amazing momentous occaisions, and more.
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Some amazing moments of shame, fun movie discussion, plus the Maximum Fun Weight Loss Challenge!
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What happens to a donk deferred?  Also: recipes and household tips, the world is falling apart, finding your dad's porn, and more.
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This episode was taped before a live audience for the Monsters of Podcasting Tour in San Francisco.  It features special guests You Look Nice Today and Mal Sharpe.
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Guest Chad Fogland talks about appearing on The New Gong Show, plus getting up close and personal with David Letterman, a tribute to Tim Russert, Mer-men, and more.
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Jordan and Jesse discuss everything from gay porn in playboys to pants falling down to other stuff that I can't remember.
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Jordan signs up for Twitter, tales of shame, and much more.
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Jesse and Jordan are joined by "Big Time" Gene O'Neill.  Plus: Would You Rather, Judge John Hodgman and tales of shame.
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The second half of our marathon pledge show with Dan Kennedy.
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Jesse, Jordan and guest Dan Kennedy discuss miniature horses and donkeys, etc.
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Support Jordan, Jesse Go! and all of during the annual Maximum Fun Drive, going on now.  Check this PDF for details, including the 150+ thank-you gifts available.
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Jesse and Jordan discuss turning 27, eating at Applebees, and other topics that are so boring they stop being boring, become briefly interesting, then lapse back into being boring.
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Jesse and Jordan discuss reconciliation, things overheard in the ladies room, and much much more.
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Recorded live at UMass Amherst Comedy Jam in Amherst, Massachusetts.
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Jesse, Jordan and guest Rachael Cantu enjoy some Icelandic candy, talk about Jordan in high school, and Cantu serenades us with a couple of songs.  We also finally learn what Wii game Ira Glass bought.
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Jordan, Jesse and special guest Ashkon discuss the home drying of steaks, viral video fame, and threesomes of various sorts.
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Ashkon performs his song "Hey Keezy" live on Jordan Jesse Go.
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Ashkon performs his interpretation of Soulja Boy's "Crank That."
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Hey!  We're having a t-shirt contest to make a special limited-edition shirt for May's Maximum Fun Drive.  Anyone can enter, anyone can vote.  Visit and search for "tsoya."
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Jordan and Jesse are joined by their biggest guest ever.  Discussion of Elliott Spitzer, SXSW and more.
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A listener calls in to describe a steamy dream starring Jordan plus Liam Neeson v. Leslie Neilsen and more.
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Comedian Jasper Redd co-hosts.  Discussion centers on the downfall of Western civilization, particularly in Los Angeles, plus an article from the New York Times circa 1877.
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Overflow from episode 53: Lots of cool calls.
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Guest co-host Kevin Pereira of G4's Attack of the Show and the gang discuss the awkward moments at a video game conference, the fact that the internet is stealing their souls, and more.
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Jordan gets an unbelievable pain in his balls and more!
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